LG Bundling Netflix Streaming Directly Into HDTVS,At a PremiuI

To borrow a sentiment from Hershey, there's no wrong way to watch some Netflix. With a veritable slew of other viewing options, built-in capability for TVs was inevitable. So here it comes, courtesy of LG.

hasn't broached the subject of specs or prices yet (mostly), but the TVs will support instant-start streaming and HD content, though it's not clear whether or not Netflix will account for the whole of the networked TV experience, or if LG plans on leveraging the connection tech for Yahoo and Intel's WebTV-like widgets, or if this connection will come via Wi-Fi or wires.

In any case, director of product development Tim Alessi told the AP that customers can expect a $200-$300 cost for the TVs over unequipped products. How integrated Netflix manages to cost that much more than the standalone Roku box is unclear, but prices like that—assuming there aren't some killer features we haven't yet heard about—leave the only real advantage to such a setup being less living room clutter. Expect more details (and probably similar announcements from other manufacturers) at CES

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