Garmin's New Nuvis, Maps for Life and Eco-Friendly Driving Software

Garmin just dropped a couple new GPS units on us, the 855 and 855T. Both of 'em bring lane assist and voice control together and cost as much as a used car.

The two units are essentially the same, with the one difference being that the 855T has MSN Direct, which loads your maps up with local businesses, weather, traffic, news and all sorts of other things to distract you from driving. The 855 will set you back a tidy $699.99, while the 855T ups that price to a whopping $799.99.

In addition to the two units, Garmin also announced ecoRoute, which is a free software update that helps save mother earth by telling you which routes are the most fuel efficient. Strangely enough, it never suggests public transportation or buying a bike.

Lastly, nuMaps Lifetime lets you pay a single fee to always get the latest maps for your navigator. You'll pay $120 for North America, $140 for Europe or $150 for both. It seems to me that updated maps should just kind of come with the product, but maybe I just don't understand business. In any case, you can give Garmin your money for this starting on January 21st.

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